German Tutor

After learning the language, the students can be certified as a German language expert who can further teach more students at various colleges and institutions. They can even start their own institute or simply become a freelancer.

German translator/Interpreter

Students can also work as German translators and interpreters for various Government organizations, MNCs, NGOs, Global organizations and translation bureaus like the UNO or the FAO.

Engineering jobs

Proficiency in German language can increase the chances for the students to get a job in Germany which is one of the biggest engineering hubs of the world along with Japan.

Tourism industry

Students who love traveling and exploring new places can become Tour guides for German tourists in India and Indian tourists in Germany telling people about the beauty of the different parts of the world.

Hospitality industry

Students could also work as an Executive in the Guest's Relations department of travel companies, large hotels, event centers and so on.

Aeroflight sector

The ability to speak English fluently along with the proficiency in at least one foreign language such as German itself is mandatory to clear the various stages of the recruitment procedure of the Aeroflight sector.

Public relations

Students can also provide services of a foreign language expert and get a job in various Public relations agencies.

Information Technology

Students can also get a job in Germany's significant Information Technology market. Germany is a leader with regard to innovative technology and computing. SAP being the 3rd largest independent software provider company would be the greatest example of the same.


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